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Men More Interested in GPS Than Traditional Maps

With technology still growing exponentially, it’s no surprise that people today favor GPS devices to traditional maps. As a matter of fact, according to the Pew Internet & American Life Project, 74% of smartphone users use GPS services – and that’s not counting standalone GPS devices that are now increasingly affordable. Before the advent of [...]

How GPS Receivers Work?

So you’re running behind schedule, on your way to the mother of all important events and disaster strikes! You forget your route to the venue. What would you do? While you could ask around for directions, they’re not always most accurate and worse yet, what if there’s no one to ask? Instead, you fire up [...]

GPS to be Tested for House Arrest Use

The Mississippi Department of Corrections is planning a pilot program using a GPS tracking system to monitor state inmates on house arrest. State Corrections Commissioner Christopher Epps said 100 inmates will be tracked during the six-month test period. Currently, radio frequency electronic monitoring alerts officials if an inmate on house arrest is outside the perimeters [...]

SatNav Announces an Exciting New Range of Products

SatNav Technologies, pioneers of GPS Navigation in India since 2005 and market leaders in India has announced an exciting new range of products focused on the Personal Tracking and Live Traffic Information market with a nominal monthly charge for the Smart Phone users. They announced their tie up with Waze Inc. of Israel to launch [...]