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Men More Interested in GPS Than Traditional Maps

With technology still growing exponentially, it’s no surprise that people today favor GPS devices to traditional maps. As a matter of fact, according to the Pew Internet & American Life Project, 74% of smartphone users use GPS services – and that’s not counting standalone GPS devices that are now increasingly affordable. Before the advent of [...]

How GPS in Trash Trucks is Improving Garbage Collection

Garbage collection is one of the most important aspects of keeping a city clean, healthy and hygienic. But other than taking out the trash and separating our garbage, there’s little else to be done from our end. Most of the work takes place with the help of the good old reliable garbage truck and the [...]

Rajasthan is the First State in India to Install GPS in Buses

Technology is making its way to the country and it’s beginning to take its place in everyday life, too. Rajasthan has now become the first state in India to install GPS in buses. According to their plan, they will start by installing vehicle locators in 1000 buses. These GPS devices have various benefits that Rajasthan [...]

‘Tech’ Care of Your Kids: School Uniforms with GPS Chips

The primary aims of technology are to make our lives simpler and safer. Government officials in Brazil are making sure that technology fulfills its goals by creating GPS trackers that are being embedded in students’ uniforms. The main reason for these trackers is to enable parents to know exactly where their children are when they [...]

Is it Spying or Protecting? The Parent vs. Child Debate

The push and pull relationship between parents and their children has become even more challenging. Now, with the help of GPS enabled tracker devices, parents have the ability to know where their offspring are at all times. These devices can be found in phones, vehicles, and a plethora of single purpose devices. From a computer, [...]