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SatGuide V10 Now Integrated With Google Search

SatNav Technologies has now integrated Google Search into its SatGuide V 10 GPS navigation software for Android and iPhone. This app is known to have added a range of features to the navigation experience in India. Its user friendly services have facilitated convenient, easy to use navigation. With the incorporation of Google Search, the already [...]

GPS On The Cutting-Edge of Environmental Change

With the global climate becoming increasing unstable every year, GPS is proving its importance as a device that does more than just track cars and provide directions. Environmental monitoring is an important part of protecting the environment, and GPS tracking plays a vital role in it. Scientists need to collect data samples in order to [...]

Get Better Fuel Efficiency with GPS Systems

GPS systems are continually helping people across the globe, and the latest finding shows that navigation systems also give you better fuel efficiency. A recent study found that people using GPS used 12% less fuel that those who did not. If you’re wondering why, the obvious answer is that GPS helps you find the shortest [...]

Indian Railways Plans to Add GPS Devices to Every Train

Indian Railways is planning on introducing GPS devices to their trains in the process of modernizing the railways. By fitting GPS tracking devices on 100 trains, they will be able to map the location of every train up to 10 meters and within a 2 minute delay. This will also help in the scheduling process, [...]

Agni-V Missile is on Fire, Capable of Reaching China

India joined the elite list of nations with intercontinental nuclear weapon capabilities when Agni-V was successfully test-fired. This success means a great deal for Indians. With a strike range of over 5000 kms, this ballistic missile is capable of reaching deep into China and Europe. The Agni-V uses a guidance system consisting of a Ring [...]