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SatGuide V10 Now Integrated With Google Search

SatNav Technologies has now integrated Google Search into its SatGuide V 10 GPS navigation software for Android and iPhone. This app is known to have added a range of features to the navigation experience in India. Its user friendly services have facilitated convenient, easy to use navigation. With the incorporation of Google Search, the already [...]

How GPS in Trash Trucks is Improving Garbage Collection

Garbage collection is one of the most important aspects of keeping a city clean, healthy and hygienic. But other than taking out the trash and separating our garbage, there’s little else to be done from our end. Most of the work takes place with the help of the good old reliable garbage truck and the [...]

Agni-V Missile is on Fire, Capable of Reaching China

India joined the elite list of nations with intercontinental nuclear weapon capabilities when Agni-V was successfully test-fired. This success means a great deal for Indians. With a strike range of over 5000 kms, this ballistic missile is capable of reaching deep into China and Europe. The Agni-V uses a guidance system consisting of a Ring [...]

Is GPS Tracking the Next Billion Dollar Market?

With its numerous applications, the use of personal tracking devices and their applications are predicted to grow with a CAGR of 40%, with both markets breaking $1 billion USD in 2017, according to ABI Research. Markets are expected to be particularly strong within the health and fitness sectors, as well as for the elderly or [...]

How to Make Your GPS Device More Accurate

With the advancement of new technology, we cannot make do without a GPS device. It helps us find our destination with voice assisted navigation and real time maps of the roads that we are travelling on. GPS technology has improved the quality of our lives with ease of finding a new location from point A [...]