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Are Paper Maps Dead?

Maps have been around for a very long time. No matter where you’re from, everyone always needs to know where they’re going, be it in life or on the street. At first people began mapping their local areas, and soon with bits and pieces coming together, the entire world had been mapped. The concept of [...]

How to Make Your GPS Device More Accurate

With the advancement of new technology, we cannot make do without a GPS device. It helps us find our destination with voice assisted navigation and real time maps of the roads that we are travelling on. GPS technology has improved the quality of our lives with ease of finding a new location from point A [...]

GPS Landing Technique Poised to Save the Aviation Industry

GPS landing technique has provided an alternative for the now lousy radar system. In fact lots of airports are switching to this system as it works to decongest the air. So how does it work, and how does a plane fitted with a GPS Device correct the error that could be a margin of at [...]

SatNAV on my bike !!! – PDA

Pix of the tentatively mounted PDA. Hope the new one is on way…soon as this one has quite some scratches on it… I am suggesting SatGuide to put put a proper feature on usage of their maps for maximum usage. Share your SatGuide pictures with us. Send them to

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