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Why a GPS Device is a Good Investment

A GPS device is becoming commonplace in today’s world, and for several good reasons. Navigation is the most common reason for investing in a tracking device. Several mobile phones, laptops and tablets allow you to use GPS on them in order to navigate. Cars now also come with inbuilt GPS devices in order for you [...]

How GPS Units Help Police Catch Criminals

GPS software as of now is playing a pivotal role in social security and safety. Police and law enforcers rely on GPS units and navigation as well as locator systems to not only catch criminals, but also to be able to communicate effectively with each other. The Global Positioning System consists of 24 satellites that [...]

How to Make Your GPS Device More Accurate

With the advancement of new technology, we cannot make do without a GPS device. It helps us find our destination with voice assisted navigation and real time maps of the roads that we are travelling on. GPS technology has improved the quality of our lives with ease of finding a new location from point A [...]

GPS Technology & Apophis

GPS – Global Positioning System, a network of 31 satellites orbiting our planet in different rotational orbits. GPS as it is known to all helps us all in plethora full of applications ranging from satellite tracking to surveying technologies. Initially it had been developed for military use only however, within a short time frame GPS [...]

Deal Of The Day: Portable GPS

SatGuide P360 is a perfect entertainment and navigation device which can play audio and video file and can sync your emails with your laptops. You can use it for turn by turn directions all over the world with current map options of India, USA, Canada, Eastern and Western Europe. In India only it covers 820+ [...]