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How GPS in Trash Trucks is Improving Garbage Collection

Garbage collection is one of the most important aspects of keeping a city clean, healthy and hygienic. But other than taking out the trash and separating our garbage, there’s little else to be done from our end. Most of the work takes place with the help of the good old reliable garbage truck and the [...]

GPS On The Cutting-Edge of Environmental Change

With the global climate becoming increasing unstable every year, GPS is proving its importance as a device that does more than just track cars and provide directions. Environmental monitoring is an important part of protecting the environment, and GPS tracking plays a vital role in it. Scientists need to collect data samples in order to [...]

GPS for Future Astronauts

Space, the final frontier as they say. Space, terribly huge and ever expanding. No maps, no GPS, no navigation systems. As more and more ventures into space are launched, the need for a navigation system as accurate as the GPS system on Earth has become very great. And some clever scientists may have found a [...]

Is Vehicle GPS Mandatory in India?

While GPS is not yet mandatory in India, it has proven itself to be valuable enough for law enforcement to consider making it so. Automobile theft is commonplace in India, both for bikes and cars. Tracking down thieves often proves to be something of an impossible task. With GPS tracking available in mobile devices, notepads [...]

Are Paper Maps Dead?

Maps have been around for a very long time. No matter where you’re from, everyone always needs to know where they’re going, be it in life or on the street. At first people began mapping their local areas, and soon with bits and pieces coming together, the entire world had been mapped. The concept of [...]