SatGuide V10 Now Integrated With Google Search

SatNav Technologies has now integrated Google Search into its SatGuide V 10 GPS navigation software for Android and iPhone. This app is known to have added a range of features to the navigation experience in India. Its user friendly services have facilitated convenient, easy to use navigation. With the incorporation of Google Search, the already smooth system has now become perfect for almost any kind of navigation.

GPS navigation software for Android and iPhone

Google Search is renowned for being the optimum search engine. On the world wide web, Google is the most popular search engine with a clean interface, fast results and accuracy. By bringing Google Search into their navigation software, SatGuide has increased the efficiency it provides to its customers.

By itself, SatNav is gaining popularity in the navigation field due to the array of user friendly features it has to offer. This navigation software generates routes by calculating the coordinates you have entered. In terms of design and content, it looks like a paper map. This adds a sense of familiarity and makes it easy to understand. The map also allows the users to see house numbers and road names as available. It connects with GPS signal automatically and allows the user to save routes and access them later.

SatNav, now a market leader, has been around since 2005 – a pioneer in the field of navigation. SatGuide V 10 is available for all models of Androids and iPhones, thereby making it accessible to a vast majority of the smartphone market.

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