SatGuide Launches V10 Navi Software For All Smartphones

SatGuide V10 Software for AndroidWe are very excited to have just launched the SatGuide V10 Navi Software for smartphones. As pioneers of GPS technology in India, we have made sure that this new software runs on all Windows, iPhone and Android app mobile devices, so that it is available to the largest possible number of users. The software is easy to install and allows users to navigate accurately along almost any route. It enables users to enter their coordinates in order to generate the best route possible. The route planner also lets them save their route and upload them at a later point of time.

The software is generating buzz for its quick route relocation, user-friendly interface and detailed map design. It calculates routes in a fraction of a second resulting in a seamless GPS navigation experience. It is a one-time installation, with no additional charges, and it doesn’t require an Internet connection either.

However, for those with an Internet connection the SatGuideV10 has additional features such as currency calculators, weather updates and a messenger that allows you to interact with other SatGuideV10 users. It also has a 2D and 3D mode in order to make navigation even easier.

The innovative app aims to satisfy the demand for user-friendly location based services. The tracking software is making it easier for people to navigate around the country without having to worry about wasting time, money or fuel. It has used technology to move people away from the paper map and on to more accurate methods.

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