How to Make Your Trip to India Unforgettable

Trip to IndiaIndia is a large and beautiful country with an interesting culture. It is extremely famous as a tourist destination, as it offers everything from beautiful beaches to ancient temples, mountains to backwaters, deserts to the Ganga, and much more. In order to make your trip to India unforgettable, there are a few things that you will have to keep in mind.

What many tourists don’t realize is that India is quite difficult to navigate. The cities are structured differently and not every place has a well-known name or landmark. Getting lost is definitely not on your list of things to do, so it is highly recommended to have a GPS tracking device to help you navigate to your destination.

GPS tracking devices provide you with city maps so that you know exactly where you are at all times. You can find out how far you are from a destination, and the amount of time in which you can expect to reach there. In an infrastructurally disorganized country like India, it proves to be very helpful, whether you are in the city of Mumbai or in the backwaters of Kerala.

It is also profoundly safer to be able to have someone be able to track you at all times, for purely safety reasons. A GPS tracking device records your whereabouts and allows you to give access to that information to the person(s) of your choice. In this way if you’re ever unreachable or in trouble, you know that there is someone to count on.

Take the necessary precautions and have a wonderful, safe trip to India!


Rajasthan is the First State in India to Install GPS in Buses

Technology is making its way to the country and it’s beginning to take its place in everyday life, too. Rajasthan has now become the first state in India to install GPS in buses. According to their plan, they will start by installing vehicle locators in 1000 buses. These GPS devices have various benefits that Rajasthan State Roadways Corporations plans on taking advantage of.

Rajasthan Buses

These vehicle locators will allow passengers to know exactly where the buses are and when they can be expected. They will also help the control room monitor speeding, rash driving and fuel siphoning. The system will be connected with the public information system so long distance travel will become much easier. It will also allow the control room to locate the buses at all points of time and increase response time in case of danger.

The way ahead for this has also been planned, as RSRTC aims to install vehicle locators in 4500 buses. Once this is complete they will set up LCD screens at some bus stands in places like Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur and Ajmer. These LCD screens will display the exact location of the buses so that passengers are in the know. The screens will display arrival and departure times in both Hindi and English.

In the first phase itself, the control room will be connected to all 1000 buses at the same time, allowing them to make precise announcements. Once the project has been successful in Rajasthan, it is likely to be implemented in different parts of the country.


SatGuide Launches V10 Navi Software For All Smartphones

SatGuide V10 Software for AndroidWe are very excited to have just launched the SatGuide V10 Navi Software for smartphones. As pioneers of GPS technology in India, we have made sure that this new software runs on all Windows, iPhone and Android app mobile devices, so that it is available to the largest possible number of users. The software is easy to install and allows users to navigate accurately along almost any route. It enables users to enter their coordinates in order to generate the best route possible. The route planner also lets them save their route and upload them at a later point of time.

The software is generating buzz for its quick route relocation, user-friendly interface and detailed map design. It calculates routes in a fraction of a second resulting in a seamless GPS navigation experience. It is a one-time installation, with no additional charges, and it doesn’t require an Internet connection either.

However, for those with an Internet connection the SatGuideV10 has additional features such as currency calculators, weather updates and a messenger that allows you to interact with other SatGuideV10 users. It also has a 2D and 3D mode in order to make navigation even easier.

The innovative app aims to satisfy the demand for user-friendly location based services. The tracking software is making it easier for people to navigate around the country without having to worry about wasting time, money or fuel. It has used technology to move people away from the paper map and on to more accurate methods.


GPS On The Cutting-Edge of Environmental Change

With the global climate becoming increasing unstable every year, GPS is proving its importance as a device that does more than just track cars and provide directions. Environmental monitoring is an important part of protecting the environment, and GPS tracking plays a vital role in it. Scientists need to collect data samples in order to understand the changes that are taking place. However, these expeditions are dangerous and the loss of human life is not a small loss. GPS tracking devices are making sure that these researches are safe and accurate in the difficult to reach areas that they travel to.

Researchers visit areas as far as the arctic to understand the acidification of ocean water and ice density loss. These expeditions are rough and difficult, and because of the help of GPS tracking devices, the devices have become the cutting-edge technology of environmental research.

Moreover, vehicle tracking and visual maps allow these researchers who are on site to navigate with ease in unknown locations. This is very important, as navigation in these areas without GPS tracking would be almost impossible.

As of now there are various such projects going on around the world. The temperature of the Gulf Stream is being tracked, as it is one of the greatest generators of storm fronts in low-lying areas of the United States. Because of GPS Tracking, changes in the glacial ice can also be recorded. This gives us a realistic perspective on the climate changes that are taking place and on what scale.

With such advancements, clearly GPS is on the cutting-edge of environmental change.


Get Better Fuel Efficiency with GPS Systems

GPS systems are continually helping people across the globe, and the latest finding shows that navigation systems also give you better fuel efficiency. A recent study found that people using GPS used 12% less fuel that those who did not. If you’re wondering why, the obvious answer is that GPS helps you find the shortest route to your destination. It reduces the time and effort that you have to put in to looking for a place, or stopping to ask for directions.

What you also may not realize is that idling also uses fuel. So even if you’ve stopped to ask for directions, you’re wasting fuel. Installing a good GPS system stops your wallet from becoming light by paying the current high prices for fuel.

There are those who are skeptical about the concept, claiming that installing GPS systems is as expensive as the money that you spend on extra fuel. However, it takes some basic mathematics to see that that is simply not true. The amount of money you spend on extra fuel is much, much more than the cost of a navigation device. And there are also many people with devices which provide you with GPS capabilities, such as phones, tablets etc. No need for a specific device.

Apart from the financial gains that come along with using less fuel, you also have to consider the environmental impact. Using navigation systems positively affect your carbon footprint – always a good thing. We consume enough of the planet’s resources and are already paying the price for it. By reducing the amount of fuel you use, you are contributing the betterment of the planet, all thanks to good GPS systems.