Highway 2 Himalayas KanyaKumari to Kathmandu H2H – 2K2K Travelogue

We undertook a journey that took us from Kanyakumari all the way to Surunkot near Pokhara in Nepal from where the Annapoorna Range of Himalayan Mountain Ranges were clearly visible to us. This was the last road where we had parked on the hillock to look at the Himalays.

We travelled a total of 9300 KMs in 17 Days (to be very precise 9288 KMs) making it an average of 546 KM per day.

The icing on the cake was we did a Non Stop Journey from Gorakhpur (almost Near Nepal Border) back to Chennai via Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh & Back to Tamil Nadu & Chennai We did a 2515 KM drive back in 55 hours 54 minutes with just 5 power brakes. We left Gorakhpur on 5th January at 7 AM with heavy FOG so heavy that we could not see the hotel exit gate and drove through 5th & 6th & on 7th Jan we reached Chennai by 10 PM night and reached home by 11.45 PM after dinner.

Anyway all in all the entire trip went well & sincere & humble thanks to all at SATNAV for all your help & support.

The car FIAT Linea Performed extremely well. Not a single punture, no starting trouble, no fatigue or body pain and we were still fresh when we had completed 9000 KM of the trip & on our return of 2515 KM trip from Gorakhpur back to Chennai too.

As all good things in Life have to come to an end our 4th trip too has now come to an end.

Please read the Travelogue of the H2H 2K2K Trip & enjoy:

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