Love It Or Hate It, But You Cant Live Without GPS Today

Over the last few days I have been coming across various articles on GPS from around the world, some users just love it, some hate it! But the fact remains, GPS is today a way of life, love it or hate it but you can’t live without it. Globally it is proven, in India it is coming of age for sure. It has been almost 10 years here since I have been hearing the regular rebuttals every time I go to pitch for a navigation device; Indians will never use a GPS system because there is always someone on the road or all those who can afford a navigation system have a driver, so who is going to buy your device now or there are no maps and road names in India so how will a system work?

My answer has been the same too, never changed, and you bet I am getting an expert on those! Most of the time we ask for directions on the road but get wrong directions, our fellow Indians don’t like to say I don’t know and will give you some answer for sure, at your peril! Secondly, would you or your family be comfortable stopping and asking strangers for directions, telling them that you are lost, specially at odd hours, when the other person is also ready to sit with you and drive to the destination? And in these days of swine flu etc? Never!! Finally, when road names and maps do not exist, our manner of building maps is unique with a POI approach, so it is even more useful in such scenario. Good news is that earlier in 10 pitches 8-9 would say this, today less than 3-4 do so, the tide has begun to turn!

Mark my words please, GPS has taken every country in the world by storm, it is taking India too in the same stride. First the phones had it, then the retail stores, now Car companies are joining the bandwagon, over millions of people are benefiting from it today just through our sales channels. I hope you / your family / your friends won’t miss the bus and benefit from this technology. There are special offers on, if you want to gift or buy it for yourself this season don’t miss opportunities to get products at less than Rs.6,490.

3 Comments to “Love It Or Hate It, But You Cant Live Without GPS Today”

  1. By Transcription jobs from home, July 11, 2011 @ 5:40 PM

    I partially agree with you. I have few relatives in India and they use GPS devices for their navigation help as they are always travelling and trying experiencing a new place every time.

  2. By Virtual Offices, July 29, 2011 @ 2:40 PM

    GPS is most important to people who drive into unfamiliar territories or go for hikes, business travelers who frequent new cities and towns.

  3. By Alexia, October 24, 2011 @ 12:26 AM

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