GPS Technology & Apophis

GPS – Global Positioning System, a network of 31 satellites orbiting our planet in different rotational orbits. GPS as it is known to all helps us all in plethora full of applications ranging from satellite tracking to surveying technologies. Initially it had been developed for military use only however, within a short time frame GPS technology established deep roots within our civil society too.

In the present everyday scenario GPS has been integrated so deep in our normal functioning that a fluctuation in the system may cause trouble for a large array of people leading to economy variations too maybe. Now at this point of the reading you may have been started to wonder, what am I trying to portray? Well, I’ll dissolve your inquisitiveness and make you aware of a loss (more of a blessing actually) which planet Earth is going to face on Friday 13th, 2029.

On this date an asteroid named Apophis (Egyptian god of death) would be encountering our planet at a distance more than that of comfort. On the summer of 2006, the asteroid was roughly 42 million kilometres away, astronomers with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory measured the speed of the asteroid with radar. They found its speed was 6 millimetres per second different than what they had expected. It hints at the possibility of the asteroid impact somewhere around 2036. But scientists can never be 100% sure.

Whether it will hit the planet or not is still in the dubious nature, but one thing is certain that this asteroid is powerful and close enough to destroy some of the GPS satellites which rotate around our planet. The problem with this particular asteroid is that a hell of a missile would be required to blast this thing off, considering our proximity to this thing; it puts our living planet in danger zone. An interruption in the GPS would be like the crux of the technological channels, but such a sacrifice would be needed for a better purpose of saving lives.

According to recent NASA reports in the year 2013 Apophis shall be within radar detection range. Taking the speed and nature of space, our calculations can only give the maximum probability but the actual outcome may be quite surprising. Godspeed.

2 Comments to “GPS Technology & Apophis”

  1. By Transcription Company, May 30, 2011 @ 3:05 PM

    If the GPS satellites will get destroyed it would badly affect our technology channels as they only make us aware of such facts. If the whole asteroid landed, it would impact one city, and make a really super large crater. But if it broke up, it would impact multiple cities, and make several smaller craters, but more dead people. :(

  2. By Satish, June 14, 2011 @ 3:58 PM

    GPS device is very helpful for us. Whenever we need directions, GPS is there for us to show us the way. But Apophis may disturb the accuracy of this technology as some satellites may get damage.