Is it Spying or Protecting? The Parent vs. Child Debate

The push and pull relationship between parents and their children has become even more challenging. Now, with the help of GPS enabled tracker devices, parents have the ability to know where their offspring are at all times. These devices can be found in phones, vehicles, and a plethora of single purpose devices. From a computer, smartphone or other device parents can check up on their kids whenever they want, allowing them to monitor where they are and where they have been.

From a parent’s perspective, this usually seems like a great idea. For young children it allows for peace of mind knowing they are safe. Tracking devices can also be purchased that find kids within a certain radius. That way a mother who lost her child in a supermarket can quickly know where they are. To parents, the device seems like one of the greatest creations ever. Rearing children can be stressful enough without having to worry about where their kid is at all times. Even older children can be monitored through phones and car GPS.

For small children, the use of trackers isn’t too big of a deal. Once kids arrive at an age where they desire more independence though, it is easy for disagreements with parents to arise. Let’s face it, kids love adventure. Being out of their parents prying eyes allows them to explore new situations and meet new people. While a parent may not be physically present, many children believe that being tracked is still an invasion of privacy.

As with most other parent vs. child debates, this one is unlikely to be settled anytime soon. Who can blame parents for wanting to better know their kids whereabouts? At the same time, who doesn’t remember being a rebellious kid yearning for every ounce of freedom possible?

What is your take? Where do you draw the line between protection and privacy??

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