Letter to Finance Minister from an IT Professional!

Dear Mr. Chidambaram,

Trust you are reaching your target deficit to please financial analysts while pleasing your political colleagues with freebies. I am writing one simple wish too!

I don’t belong to any vote bank or powerful lobby, so why listen to me? I think you will because firstly, you are a gentleman, and secondly because I am a part of the 75 Billion IT industry bringing a lot of foreign exchange! I also don’t buy much gold so don’t add to Current Account Deficit. I prefer spending on lifestyle products, so contribute to the consumption story, help you get more taxes. I also spend a lot of money eating out and on entertainment so I pay service tax and entertainment tax through my nose! Reason enough? I guess so!

I hear that you are considering tightening a lot of pilferage in the system, ofcourse all backed by Aadhar identification. But you know very well that pilferage will continue! So may I request you to set aside some money for a waiver of my housing loan and of the loan of every IT professional in this country? Why should you do it? Because right now most of our EMIs go to private banks which you don’t get much access to! So when I have that EMI money saved, I will spend on the areas listed above and thereby give you more taxes and more revenues!

If my simple wish is fulfilled, I promise to vote for your party in the next general election and also impress upon my family, neighbor, friends, relatives and everyone on my daily visit to the market, to do the same! I also promise that I will not appear or use my vocabulary on these pesky English news channels who just want a sound bite attacking the government for their prime time newshour show! Maybe I can also throw in a promise to not attend any rally by any anti-corruption platform because when I get Government’s money, let the corrupt make money while the sun shines!

I end with a request to my colleagues in the IT Industry to aggressively pass this around with the fervent hope that it reaches you and in the midst of burning midnight oil to get the budget ready, you suddenly accede my request. Pipedream? Ofcourse it is!

Yours Sincerely,
Amit Prasad
An IT Professional in India

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