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Letter to Finance Minister from an IT Professional!

Dear Mr. Chidambaram, Trust you are reaching your target deficit to please financial analysts while pleasing your political colleagues with freebies. I am writing one simple wish too! I don’t belong to any vote bank or powerful lobby, so why listen to me? I think you will because firstly, you are a gentleman, and secondly [...]

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5 Most Environmental Car Model of 2012

Hybrid and electric cars are continuing to gain traction, especially in the US market. Rising gas and other prices encourage concerned consumers to research environmental cars, which are easy on the Earth and the wallet. 2012 offers cost-efficient and luxury cars with features like GPS and power controls. 1. 2012 Prius Where would any eco-friendly [...]

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Top 10 Beach Destinations in India

In addition to ideal temperatures and crystal-clear water, beaches in India offer accommodations ranging from bamboo huts to luxurious 7-star hotels with personal butler service. Here is a list I’ve compiled of 10 of my favorite beaches in India. Now this is just my opinion, so please share your thoughts. What beaches are your favorite [...]

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SatNav Salutes Sachin

After a year and four days, the Masterblaster has finally achieved his 100th century off 138 balls at Sher-e-Bangla Stadium in Mirpur, Bangladesh. A leviathan wave of joy rushes through the nation at this achievement of our most beloved sportsman. Though India lost the match to Bangladesh by 5 wickets, it wasn’t enough to dull [...]

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Top 10 Free Apps for Android

An increasing number of new mobile phones are employing the Android operating system. In fact, it’s booming. It was initially introduced by Android Inc., and Google and has become incredibly popular since it is based on the open source platform. This means that unlike other rigid mobile phone systems, anyone can build applications for Android [...]

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