Letter to Finance Minister from an IT Professional!

Dear Mr. Chidambaram,

Trust you are reaching your target deficit to please financial analysts while pleasing your political colleagues with freebies. I am writing one simple wish too!

I don’t belong to any vote bank or powerful lobby, so why listen to me? I think you will because firstly, you are a gentleman, and secondly because I am a part of the 75 Billion IT industry bringing a lot of foreign exchange! I also don’t buy much gold so don’t add to Current Account Deficit. I prefer spending on lifestyle products, so contribute to the consumption story, help you get more taxes. I also spend a lot of money eating out and on entertainment so I pay service tax and entertainment tax through my nose! Reason enough? I guess so!

I hear that you are considering tightening a lot of pilferage in the system, ofcourse all backed by Aadhar identification. But you know very well that pilferage will continue! So may I request you to set aside some money for a waiver of my housing loan and of the loan of every IT professional in this country? Why should you do it? Because right now most of our EMIs go to private banks which you don’t get much access to! So when I have that EMI money saved, I will spend on the areas listed above and thereby give you more taxes and more revenues!

If my simple wish is fulfilled, I promise to vote for your party in the next general election and also impress upon my family, neighbor, friends, relatives and everyone on my daily visit to the market, to do the same! I also promise that I will not appear or use my vocabulary on these pesky English news channels who just want a sound bite attacking the government for their prime time newshour show! Maybe I can also throw in a promise to not attend any rally by any anti-corruption platform because when I get Government’s money, let the corrupt make money while the sun shines!

I end with a request to my colleagues in the IT Industry to aggressively pass this around with the fervent hope that it reaches you and in the midst of burning midnight oil to get the budget ready, you suddenly accede my request. Pipedream? Ofcourse it is!

Yours Sincerely,
Amit Prasad
An IT Professional in India


Highway 2 Himalayas KanyaKumari to Kathmandu H2H – 2K2K Travelogue

We undertook a journey that took us from Kanyakumari all the way to Surunkot near Pokhara in Nepal from where the Annapoorna Range of Himalayan Mountain Ranges were clearly visible to us. This was the last road where we had parked on the hillock to look at the Himalays.

We travelled a total of 9300 KMs in 17 Days (to be very precise 9288 KMs) making it an average of 546 KM per day.

The icing on the cake was we did a Non Stop Journey from Gorakhpur (almost Near Nepal Border) back to Chennai via Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh & Back to Tamil Nadu & Chennai We did a 2515 KM drive back in 55 hours 54 minutes with just 5 power brakes. We left Gorakhpur on 5th January at 7 AM with heavy FOG so heavy that we could not see the hotel exit gate and drove through 5th & 6th & on 7th Jan we reached Chennai by 10 PM night and reached home by 11.45 PM after dinner.

Anyway all in all the entire trip went well & sincere & humble thanks to all at SATNAV for all your help & support.

The car FIAT Linea Performed extremely well. Not a single punture, no starting trouble, no fatigue or body pain and we were still fresh when we had completed 9000 KM of the trip & on our return of 2515 KM trip from Gorakhpur back to Chennai too.

As all good things in Life have to come to an end our 4th trip too has now come to an end.

Please read the Travelogue of the H2H 2K2K Trip & enjoy:

1) H2H – 2K2K – Prologue Page No.1

2) Chennai 2 Kanyakumai Day 0 & 1 21.12.2012 & 22.12.2012 Page No.2

3) Day – 2 Kanyakumari to Bengaluru & Lonavala 23.12.2012 Page No.3

4) Day – 3 Lonavala 24.12.2012 (Monday)

5) Day – 4 Lonavala to Udaipur 25.12.2012 Page No.4

6) Day – 5 Udaipur 26.12.2012 Page No.5


SatGuide V10 Now Integrated With Google Search

SatNav Technologies has now integrated Google Search into its SatGuide V 10 GPS navigation software for Android and iPhone. This app is known to have added a range of features to the navigation experience in India. Its user friendly services have facilitated convenient, easy to use navigation. With the incorporation of Google Search, the already smooth system has now become perfect for almost any kind of navigation.

GPS navigation software for Android and iPhone

Google Search is renowned for being the optimum search engine. On the world wide web, Google is the most popular search engine with a clean interface, fast results and accuracy. By bringing Google Search into their navigation software, SatGuide has increased the efficiency it provides to its customers.

By itself, SatNav is gaining popularity in the navigation field due to the array of user friendly features it has to offer. This navigation software generates routes by calculating the coordinates you have entered. In terms of design and content, it looks like a paper map. This adds a sense of familiarity and makes it easy to understand. The map also allows the users to see house numbers and road names as available. It connects with GPS signal automatically and allows the user to save routes and access them later.

SatNav, now a market leader, has been around since 2005 – a pioneer in the field of navigation. SatGuide V 10 is available for all models of Androids and iPhones, thereby making it accessible to a vast majority of the smartphone market.


Men More Interested in GPS Than Traditional Maps

GPS vs. Paper MapsWith technology still growing exponentially, it’s no surprise that people today favor GPS devices to traditional maps. As a matter of fact, according to the Pew Internet & American Life Project, 74% of smartphone users use GPS services – and that’s not counting standalone GPS devices that are now increasingly affordable.

Before the advent of GPS, people relied on traditional maps – something today’s generation can’t imagine. Traditional maps are difficult to store, can be easily damaged, can never be updated, and are generally more complex and difficult to decipher. In comparison, GPS devices are reliable, convenient, sturdy, and exceptionally user-friendly. They’re also updateable, keeping up with the latest developments in infrastructure.

It’s mind boggling to think that as little as 15 years ago people were planning road trips using paper maps, likely because GPS devices were either unaffordable or unreliable. Fast forward to present day, and, according to the Huffington Post, approximately half of America uses smartphones, which normally have built in GPS location services. No wonder traditional maps are now obsolete!

GPS gadgets have proved their worth by being useful, user friendly, reliable, and accessible. The accessibility aspect of GPS devices is likely the biggest reason why people prefer them to traditional maps. Research like those mentioned earlier prove the popularity of GPS products, and indicate an age where many things are becoming electronic.


How GPS in Trash Trucks is Improving Garbage Collection

Garbage collection is one of the most important aspects of keeping a city clean, healthy and hygienic. But other than taking out the trash and separating our garbage, there’s little else to be done from our end. Most of the work takes place with the help of the good old reliable garbage truck and the people collecting the trash. Las Cruces Utilities is one of the first companies to take technology to the garbage truck. By installing GPS trackers in their trucks, they are revolutionizing the garbage collection system.

It works like this – when every truck has a GPS tracker, it changes the game. For one, routes are much easier to handle when GPS can tell you exactly where each truck is. This way, if someone missed a house or neighbourhood, the closest truck can simply be rerouted towards it. Along with adding organization to the system, it reduces fuel expenditure by quite a degree, which also helps to protect the environment. The biggest wastage of fuel takes place during idling. It may seem small, but LCU themselves claim that since they added GPS trackers to their trucks, they have saved almost $5000 on fuel.

Additionally, GPS trackers help you monitor your vehicles at all times. If they are in an unauthorized area or off route, you’re instantly notified of it. This saves a lot of time and it protects vehicles from theft or from being misused for personal reasons.

Now that the industry has seen the benefits of using GPS, it won’t be long before the trend catches on and everyone saves money, fuel and time.